Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Night With Inna

It’s not that men have disappointed me enough for me to go and play for the other team completely. Men just can’t satisfy all of my cravings and they would be terribly mistaken if they thought they could. Women still play a huge role in my sex life and it was a pity I neglected my search for a partner during these past few months that I have been a dedicated mistress to Ed. The Ed days are over and the days of adventure are back. And it starts with a woman named Inna.

Inna’s message in response to my personal ad wasn’t the most interesting. In fact, there were other more explicit emails than hers. Younger girls described how they would fuck the living daylights out of me and some older women asked me just how good a pussy licker I am. They won’t be around to find out, sadly. Most messages were descriptive, yes. But lacking in imagination.

I chose Inna because she gave me details about herself without overselling her sexual prowess. Before she met her husband, she had been bisexual and came so close to abandoning sex with men altogether. She missed the feel of a woman’s body. It has been too long, she told me.

Out of my desperate need for a woman again, Inna and I agreed to meet right away. Unlike former hook ups, we didn’t get the chance to share fantasies. I didn’t have a clue how to please her so I decided we will just wing it, if we ever make it to my bedroom. I waited patiently at the bar, drink in hand. She would know how to find me-black jeans, backless black top.

I couldn’t conceal my excitement when I saw her making her way towards me. She held my gaze as she came closer. Her short black dress hugged her body in a very flattering way. Her breasts were just the right size, not too saggy, not too perky. And those nice long legs. Mmm, I thought to myself, as I imagined being in between those legs very soon that night. At 35 years old, 13 years of marriage and three kids, Inna was still in great shape. She sat down beside me and without warning nor invitation, gave me a lingering kiss on the lips. I didn’t respond, tried to be cool and composed. When she pulled back, she smiled at me and held out her hand. Introductions were made, for the first time, in person.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her that night. She wasn’t the prettiest I have seen but the mixture of subtle seduction and her sexy confidence made me wonder if she will be my bitch that night or if she will make me her fuck slave. Either way, I couldn’t wait to take her home. While we drank our own choices of poison and danced to the sexy music, the images in my head were of Inna eating my pussy. I imagined this hot, older woman, moaning and shuddering while eating my pussy, as if she had been starving for thirteen years, as if she had never tasted pussy this good. I felt that delicious sensation between my legs thinking about this.

We drove back to my house. Struggling between keeping my eyes open to see the road and shutting them tightly together each time Inna’s finger brushed at the perfect spot on my clitoris was no easy feat. I reached out to her with my other hand but she brushed it away. Keep both hands on the wheel, she whispered to me. She bit my earlobe, tugged at it gently. This fox knew what she was doing.

When the door locks clicked behind us, she moved quickly to me, and I welcomed her into my arms, our lips meeting for just the second time that night. I took the tongue she offered to me, sucked it lightly and tasted the delicious warmth of her mouth. She moaned against my lips, the kind of moan that sends your nerves aflutter, the kind of sound a virgin makes the first time she discovers the pleasure of oral sex. It was a deep, satisfied moan, as if she hasn’t been kissed before, as if she hasn’t been kissed like this before. Maybe Inna does need this more than I do.

I hiked up her skirt and placed my hand between her legs, letting my fingers roam her inner thighs while I watched the expression on her face. “How wet are you?” I whispered to her.

She thrust her pussy eagerly to my waiting hand. “Dripping”, was her reply.

I tugged at her panty and it was on the floor in a second. I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor then struggled out of my own clothes. Now completely naked, I led Inna to the couch, that fire between my legs now burning hotter than ever. Our tongues exploring, fingers touching, hands grasping, teeth biting, her body warm and soft against mine.

She laid down on the couch and spread her legs before me as if to say, “Come hither. Devour me”.

I haven’t seen nor spoken to Inna since that day. She had begged me never to contact her again as this will resurrect the guilty feeling that replaced the delicious orgasms we both experienced. I could have argued that this will be a discreet relationship and she will have full control of the situation. She can decide when she wants to see me again. I didn’t take it an insult that she only wanted a one-night stand.

There was no doubt in my mind that her screams and the way she held me in the throes of passion were genuine and borne out of extreme need. Perhaps, now that her need has been satisfied, she will go back to being the prim and proper housewife she had been for the past 13 years.

No, I didn’t mind being the person to fulfil that need. Cheating with another woman probably isn't as bad as cheating with another man. It is a lesser evil.

And while I thought of the many housewives out there who are in the same situation—the ones who fantasize of a woman lover-I went back to the responses to my personal ad to look for another Inna.

I will have my hands full of them.